5 Helpful Facts about Dental Crown You Need to Know

A dental crown is basically a dental cap, which is attached over original tooth to hide the decayed tooth. For fixing the cap over your original tooth, you need a professional dentist Windsor ON. At Dental Health Centre, you can find professional dentists who possess expertise in fixing dental crown over the original teeth. Though dental crown is commonly used for hiding broken or chipped teeth as well as patchy discolored teeth, people have limited knowledge on them. To enhance knowledge on dental crowns, here is a guide for the readers of this article.

1. Not Applied in All Situations

Professional dentist Windsor recommends dental crowns when tooth is damaged severely. In most of the cases, veneers and bonding are applied for hiding chipped or cracked tooth. When these are not applicable, dental crown is suggested to be used for hiding the chipped teeth.

2. Long Term Solution

Veneer and dental bonds are not viewed as long term solution for hiding the chipped tooth. Once they are applied, one needs to visit the clinic on regular basis for maintenance of the veneers. When dental crowns are attached to the gum, it has been viewed as long term solution for hiding chipped or broken teeth.

3. Materials for Dental Crowns

At Dental Health Centre, different materials are used for dental crowns. The choice depends on you. Generally, porcelain crowns are popular as they are affordable and also they look quite natural. Many people choose metal crown, though they do not look natural. Nevertheless, it is not recommended for those who have sensitive tooth.

4. Functionality

For hiding broken or decayed tooth, you need to use high quality dental crown as recommended by dentist N8W 5R7. The best thing about dental crown is that you can do regular activities with facing any hassles. From chewing foods to brushing as well as flossing mouth, there will not be any hassles with dental crowns.

5. Process

To get dental crown, you need to find professional and certified dentist near you. Generally, the process could take a long time. You may have to pay visit to Dental Health Centre for 2-3 times for getting complete treatment.