A Partial Denture Can Restore a Smile Marred by a Few Missing Teeth

Partial denture benefits are numerous. They help you to chew your food easier, help you speak better if your speech had changed because of missing teeth. If you have removable partial dentures, they can help support your lips and cheeks, so your face doesn’t sag and make you look older.

If you lose a tooth, the teeth next to it may start to drift or tilt toward the empty spot. The teeth in the jaw may start shifting up or down near that empty spot. It can affect your bite and cause more stress on your jaws and teeth. You might find it is harder cleaning your teeth if they have shifted, and that can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. It is vital to get missing teeth replaced.

Dentists in Windsor can make those removable partial dentures. The dentures dentist in Windsor can usually make replacement teeth that are fixed to an acrylic base that will match the exact color of your gums.

The base of acrylic can cover a metal framework and is built with a form of clasp that will attach to the rest of your natural teeth. It will hold the partial denture in place.

It might be necessary for your dentist to tell you that you need a crown or crowns or some ‘caps,’ on some of your other teeth. The crowns will help with the way a removable partial fits your mouth. Your dentist will design your dentures in Windsor that are right for you.

It will take you some practice in taking out and putting in your removable dentures. At first, it may feel tight or a little odd. In time, you will get used to it. Never bite down on the denture to force it into place. It could break or bend the clasps and damage your other teeth. If you do damage them, take your denture to Windsor to your dentist there.

You shouldn’t wear your partial dentures twenty-four hours every day. The dentist will tell you to remove the partial dentures before going to bed and put them back in upon awakening.

Before you leave Dental Health Centre, they will give you the proper instructions on how to care for your partials.