Bad Tooth? Why an Implant is the Best Long Term Solution

In spite of advances in dental care and technology, there are millions of Americans that loose teeth because of periodontal diseases and tooth decay. Some reports suggest that as many as 40 million people are missing all of their teeth. According to dentist in Windsor, when you have a problematic tooth, you must find a solution which is safe, comfortable, and durable.

If you have a serious dental issue, need tooth extraction, or just a root canal treatment and a crown, here’s a look at why dental implants are the best long-term solution.

Implants look natural

Unlike the traditional dentures or artificial bridge which sits on existing gums or teeth, the implants are inserted directly in the jawbone which offers the look and feel of natural teeth. They can also be custom-made to feel exactly like your natural teeth and in the colour of your natural teeth.

Implants Offer More Comfort than Alternatives

According to dentist in Windsor, the patients often make a shift from bridges and dentures to implants because of the difference in comfort. The dentures can move around as they are not anchored in the mouth. Implants don’t move which offers comfort as well as confidence while speaking and eating.

Implants last for a long time than other options

The Windsor dentist near you says that restorative treatments have come a long way in past decade but some solutions are temporary. Only a dental implant offers a permanent solution for tooth restoration as they are a permanent fixture in the bone. If good care is taken, the implants may even last for a lifetime.

Implants Don’t Damage Other Teeth

The bridges that are used for replacing the missing teeth are attached to the adjacent teeth which put additional pressure on those teeth and may also result in tooth loss.

Minimize Bone Loss

The major disadvantage of dentures and bridges is bone loss in underlying jaw. But getting an implant immediately after the tooth loss can help in retaining integrity of the underlying jawbone.