How Dentists Save Marriages

If we told that a dentist can save your marriage, would you ever believe us? The dentists are far from the relationship business. But Dentists in Windsor can come across several such instances where they play a crucial role in saving marriages.

Few years back we received a call from a young girl who was about to get married within few days. She called in a state of panic because she had lost half of her front teeth. It was a critical situation which needed to be addressed immediately but she was panicking as the unfortunate thing happened just before her wedding.

She was practicing for her wedding dance and fell off during the practice breaking her front teeth. It is obvious to want to look nothing but perfect for your wedding and bride would ever want to smile with a broken or crooked tooth. She did not even share about the incident with her fiancé as she didn’t want to bother him and she was not sure about his reaction.

The Dentist near Windsor ON gave her appointment quite immediately and had a look at her broken tooth. The dentist decided to give her a temporary crown which would fit in and appear just like her natural tooth. She went on and got married and flaunted her pearly smile during her wedding. She didn’t even mention about the broken tooth to her fiancé.

She visited us a month after the wedding and meanwhile she also went to her honeymoon. The dentist got her a permanent crown which has retained for years. She still visits the dentist for regular inspection and is happily married. It’s been 5 years to her marriage and she has even delivered twin daughters. However, we are not sure if her then fiancé and now husband knows about the broken tooth incident or not.

Dental clinics come across several such incidents where people accidentally damage their tooth before the big day and become anxious. But the dentists always come to their rescue and offer temporary or permanent solution based on the condition of patient and time remaining for treatment.