Prepare Your Kids’ Dental Hygiene for the Holiday Season

The holidays are almost here, yet it doesn’t mean that work or school is taking a break. It’s a busy time, for sure, and it can be quite easy to start forgetting day to day activities. Your kids may have decided its time to stop brushing their teeth in the mornings in order to save a few minutes of time, or perhaps you’ve pushed back that appointment with the dentist in Windsor, Canada. This is the perfect time to make sure that you’re still following up and making sure you’re addressing your family’s dental hygiene needs.

Set and Follow a Routine

The quickest and most efficient way to make sure your kids are keeping up with oral hygiene is to make sure it’s part of their daily routines. Make sure you’re putting back enough time in the mornings that is solely meant for brushing teeth. Make sure to enforce it for the first few days so that way your kids aren’t forgetting – and neither are you! This should be a consistent behavior that’s followed up every day until it becomes a habit. Sooner or later, your kids will become used to brushing and flossing every morning and will begin associating it with the start of their day.

Are You Considering Braces?

If you’ve been thinking about orthodontic treatment for your child, there’s no time like the present. Talk to your dentist in Ontario to get a referral or make an appointment with your orthodontist to find out what comes next in the process. Modern braces are going to be less intrusive and don’t have nearly the same stigma they did a few years back. Plus, this time of year, your child has already settled into school with their friends and are less likely to have social distress from getting braces from a dentist near you.

Schedule a Checkup

One of the easiest things to put off is the dental check up because they’re so spaced out and can be hard to schedule. Right now is the perfect time to make sure you get those last checkups of the year in, though. You want to make sure your child’s teeth are ready for the holidays, after all!