Cosmetic Dentistry

At Dental Health Centre, we want you to have satisfaction and confidence in your smile. This means that you are happy not just with the health and functionality of your teeth, but with the look of your smile as well. If there is any aspect of your smile that you wish to change, we offer a variety of services that can help give you a smile you’ll love.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most common cosmetic procedures, a teeth whitening session can brighten up a smile that has become dull, whether due to diet, health habits (such as smoking), or natural aging. There are many over-the-counter treatments available that you can complete at home, such as toothpastes, gels, and strips, but an in-office treatment performed by a dentist will be the most effective as it contains a higher concentration of whitening solution.


To address flaws such as chips, gaps, misshapenness, cracks, misalignment, and stains, veneers can be an effective solution. These are thin, custom-made shells that are fixed onto the front of the teeth. They are made of porcelain, which means that they are stain-resistant and can be made to match the color of the natural teeth.