Your First Visit

At Dental Health Centre, we love seeing new patients. Our goal is to help you achieve oral health in the most comfortable office environment possible.

When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll first need to check in with our staff and fill out a few forms. These will only need to be completed during this first visit, and help will be available should you need it while filling them out.

In the dentist chair, your appointment will begin with an evaluation of your oral health. X-rays will be taken of your mouth to give us a blueprint of your dental health and needs. They show us whether decay is present and make visible any issues that cannot be detected with the naked eye. Using all the information we acquire, we can create a customized care plan for you.

Following this evaluation, a hygienist will measure your gums. This helps to determine the best type of cleaning and treatment for you. The hygienist will perform the dental cleaning, after which a dentist will visit with you to discuss your current dental health. If things are in good shape, you’ll simply receive instructions on maintaining healthy dental habits. If, on the other hand, any issues were detected, your dentist will advise you on the next steps of improving your health. Occasionally, special steps will need to be taken, such as restorative work or oral therapy. A treatment plan can then be created, and you can discuss financing options that get you the care you need and fits into your budget. We hope that you leave our offices satisfied with the quality of your dental care and ready to return.