The Evolution of Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth and looking for a solution for the same? A dental implant can be the solution to your problem. Dental implant refers to placing an artificial tooth in the place of the missing teeth. Dental Health Centre is where you will find the best dentist in Windsor On and they mention quite often that this method has developed over a period of time and has improved tremendously. Now, you can’t even differentiate between the actual teeth and an artificial one. They even work like the same.

If you are thinking that this method has only been existing since past few decades, then you might have to get your facts checked because this treatment has been in use since our ancient times. Our predecessors have used elements like shells, stones, ivory or other similar element, which generally does not react and has adverse effects in the human mouth. These methods were not very sufficient but nonetheless, they worked at that point of time.

After that, few of the evidences have been found in 1800s too. At that point of time, they made teeth with the help of gold, silver, lead, and platinum. This is because these metals are known to have no reaction whatsoever with either food particle or other teeth elements. These used to last for a longer time too, when compared to the previous options.

In 1930s, this procedure became very famous and many people start considering it as an option. In 1950s, titanium was introduced and was considered as the best material for an implant till then. Dentists would get it made in a screw-like structure and then put it as the tooth’s replacement. Once it would start fusing with the jaw area, the crown would then be applied over it.

Now, over the period of time, this method has evolved even more thanks to the introduction of technologies, new methods and procedures. This method has become very advanced in itself. Some of the current implant trends are- immediate implantation with immediate temporization, getting the teeth within 3 days, endosteal implant, subperiosteal implant and so on. These are the trending ones, as you can confirm with any dentist in Windsor and learn which one would be the best fit for you.

For those people who don’t like watching their smile with missing teeth, a dental implant is one of the best options, as it provides you with teeth very similar to the original ones. Implant teeth work like original teeth and they also improve the value of your speech and smile overall. It would be better if you contact the Dental Health Centre or a dentist near you, who can help you understand about the new methods and procedures regarding dental implant even better.