The process of obtaining crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are used to improve a wide range of dental issues in patients. Our team at Dental Health Centre provides high quality treatments for our patients that are designed to improve the appearance and function of their smile. Continue reading on to learn about the process of obtaining crowns and bridges at our dental office.

What are crowns?

Dental crowns work as a cap over an individual tooth and can be made up of several different materials such as porcelain, zirconia, and gold. They help to add an extra level of strength to the weakened natural teeth while improving the appearance of the tooth.

What are bridges?

Dental bridges help to replace a series of missing teeth and are supported on either side by healthy teeth. They can also be made up of porcelain, zirconia, and gold and are one option to permanently replace missing teeth.

What is the process for creating crowns and bridges?

To begin, the patient will have a consultation with a member of our staff to figure out the best restorative solution for their specific situation. If a crown and bridge is the best solution, then the dentist will first remove any decay and a part of the structure for optimal fit. A mold or impression is taken and sent to a lab for the final customized product. The final restoration is then bonded in its new place.

Call our office to set up your next consultation with a member of our dental team and see if you are a good candidate for crowns and bridges. It is a great way to achieve a healthier and stronger smile. Contact our dental office today for more information regarding the services we offer.