Where is the Third Molar?

The wisdom teeth, technically referred to as the third set of molars, are located at the very back of the mouth. A third molar that grows correctly, without adversely affecting the alignment of the other teeth or cause overcrowding, is healthy and helpful in the chewing process.

The wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to come through the gum line, and this typically occurs with those between the ages of 17 and 21. It is to your advantage to understand the third molar, to know when it is problematic and when to let a third molar grow in naturally.

Where Is It?

The third molar is located in the posterior quadrants of the mouth; the upper and lower right and the upper and lower left. It is the location of these third molars, their size and the timing of their breaking through the gum line that issues occur causing damage to the gums and the other teeth.

When to Have the Third Molar Removed?

There are three conditions a dentist will consider before a wisdom tooth is extracted.

  • Are the wisdom teeth impacted?
  • Will the wisdom teeth lead to an infection?
  • Will the wisdom teeth overcrowd the other teeth?

Because of the lateness of their arrival, the jaw line may not have ample room to support the addition of 4 molars. There are some cases where wisdom teeth surface horizontally, instead of vertically, and this will cause overcrowding and the misalignment of the other teeth.

Not All Third Molars Need Removal

Those with an ample jaw line to support a third set of molars and, if these teeth grow in vertically, there may not be a need for their extraction. Although there may be no problems on the onset of the wisdom teeth coming through, it is important and necessary to monitor these molars as it may take time for complications to arise.

Treatment Options for Third Molars

The treatment options for the third molars are simple: extraction or not. If removal is necessary, this procedure is surgical, and the use of anesthetics is necessary. While the extraction procedure is common for an oral surgeon, there will be a great amount of discomfort for the patient for at least one week after the surgery.

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